Reformer Pilates

Private and Duo Reformer sessions available by appointment only.  Private sessions are $50. Semi private or Duo is $30 per person.  Please email for availability.

10 Private sessions: $450                       10 Duo sessions: $500 inclusive of 2 clients  

WHAT IS A REFORMER?                                                                                                                           The Reformer is a specialized piece of equipment known as the workhorse of all Pilates equipment.  It was invented by Joe Pilates to help people to perform his fitness exercises more correctly and beneficially.  The Reformer really does re-form the body.

It consists of a long wooden frame that moves back and forth with a spring resistance system.  It may look like an ancient contraption used for torture, but in fact, it is quite the opposite.

The Pilates Reformer was designed to transform the body.  Clients glide through exercises in deep concentration.  When finished, you feel refreshed, not exhausted.  A person learning the exercises on the Pilates reformer will first feel better, and then appear taller and leaner, and more toned and flexible.

OBJECTIVES                                                                                                                                                     -Increase spinal flexibility  –  Enhance range of motion   –   Improve posture  – Bring about stronger and more toned abdominal, back, & pelvic muscles

HOW WILL PILATES HELP WITH REHABILITATION?                                                                         The Reformer is a key component in injury rehabilitation.  All exercises performed on the reformer are up-to-date and in-line with the latest research findings on spinal stability training.  You will get more out of your fitness routine with proper use of the reformer.  We will lead you through a series of exercises according to your ability and Pilates experience, making sure you are performing each movement correctly before going on to the next series.

PRINCIPLES:                                                                                                                                               The Reformer offers a uniquely balanced program of Personal Training and Pilates on the Reformer.  It will assist you through the more challenging exercises and add resistance on easier exercises.  Trained and guided by a certified specialist, you will stretch and strengthen muscles, improve abdominal strength, adjust spinal alignment, and decrease stress.  It is geared toward strengthening the entire body including the stabilizing muscles that are the smaller muscles you do not see, but are vital to posture & function.  The technique focuses on balance and the coordination of the upper and lower musculature with the torso as centre.



Reformer Lite:  A great class for all clients wanting to know more! This is not solely a beginner’s class, although those new to Pilates are encouraged to start here! This slower paced class will keep you moving but also takes the time to talk about Pilates foundations and principles while offering several hands on adjustments and corrections. This is a positive supportive and encouraging way to begin to build more strength and endurance head to toe!  Perfect for getting your “Home Care” work in!

Reformer 1: Reformer 1 is a total body work out on the Reformer.  This class is flowing and challenging, yet a safe work out. Ideal for those who are new to fitness, with no acute or chronic injuries.

Reformer for a Healthy Spine: A gentle approach to restorative & rehabilitative health, in this class we work the muscles groups to restore and maintain a healthy spine and good posture. With an educational approach, we will work through the entire body, segmentally focusing on the Thoracic Ring (neck, shoulders, rib cage) Lumbar Spine and Pelvis. This is a slower paced class that offers support and modifications as needed.