Classes @ South Bonson Community Centre, Pitt Meadows


PILATES CLASSICAL   Monday  5:45pm-6:45pm

Sept 10-Oct 22  $37.80  #6943

Oct 29-Dec 10  $37.80  #6946

The Method, the way Joseph Pilates intended the series of exercises to be. We’ll focus on developing the smaller muscle groups that work to support joints and bone structures, as well as bodily awareness to keep you balanced; Body, Mind & Breath.  Keep yourself strong today and avoid injuries tomorrow.

PILATES SCULPT   Wednesday  7:15pm-8:15pm  

Sept 12-Oct 24  $44.10  #6908

Nov 7-Dec 12  $44.10  #6909

A play on traditional Pilates, this intermediate class will work the entire body
from head to toe.  Strengthen, lengthen and tone your way to a
stronger core, increased balance, flexibility and better posture.  Pilates
sculpt your way to a new body.  Grab your mat & join us!

YOGA    Wednesday  8:30pm-9:30pm

Sep 12-Oct 24   $44.10  #6918

Nov 7-Dec 13   $37.80  #6919

Yoga seeks connection to the body, mind and breath while being gentle on the joints.  You will strengthen and refresh your body while improving your posture, flexibility and balance. Bring your mat and join us for a relaxing stress-free hour.

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 Phone: 604-465-2470

In Person: @ Pitt Meadows Community Rec Centre

  South Bonson Community Centre  10932 Barnston View Rd, Pitt Meadows BC V3Y 0B9