Hey Pilates Lovers!

Meraki studio32 BHopefully you’ve all settled back into your routines nicely, or perhaps you’ve made some changes in 2016!  Being a couple of weeks into the new year, I too have made some adjustments.
Have you been missing me in your Reformer sessions?!  Not to worry friends,  I am offering reformer sessions in my home studio in east Maple Ridge.  These sessions are semi private (new equipment is on the way!!) $25 per class. Please email or txt me to book your sessions.

Change can be nerve racking or delightfully exciting.  I encourage you all to do what reflects you, with soul, creativity and love, leaving a piece of yourself in to what you do.  All my best to you in 2016!

See you in the studio or on the mat friends!
Yours in Health,  Kala

Summer Reformer Classes

2015 Summer Reformer Blast

Ka(Y)lates Reformer @ Mageta Physiotherapy

Hi Everyone!  Kala & Kayla 2.0 are back in full force for all of your Reformer Pilates!  See what happened there?!  Pilates + 2X Ka(y)la = Ka(y)lates!  I find it extremely clever!  It was created by a client a few years ago.    He loved the principles of Pilates and how well it worked for him in his body.   Combined with my coy way of getting more out of you when you feel like you’re done, you know, that gentle demanding force you love so much?!  Yep. . . hence, Kalates was coined!

Online booking for Reformer Pilates @ Mageta Physiotherapy is now available. Complete the form below to submit your booking request.  Of course, Nichola, Cheryl & Rose are happy to book you in at 604-465-8773.

Join us for functional movement training on the Reformer! 


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Pilates @ South Bonson

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I’m baaack!  Join me this Summer for Pilates Sculpt @ South Bonson Centre.    Yes, we are going to work head to toe, with precision!  Aaaaand. . .  It will be the summer . . .  no florescent lights required with that gigantic window!!  I know your Wednesday nights haven’t been the same without me. . .  I thought we’d add in some transitional Reformer exercises onto the mat and you all know how much I love Spinal articulations. . . . Yes friends, let’s hit up the mat Wednesday nights this summer!! (Tell all of your friends) 😀