Take back your Strength & Live a Balanced Life!

Studio32 Pilates & Yoga was derived of the desire to create a community of wellness and positivity through movement therapies.  Our focus is on quality instruction that allows you the opportunity to re energize your mind & body, while strengthening your muscular system, joints and alignment.  We represent a Maple Ridge Pilates & Yoga community with an abundance of industry knowledge always endeavouring to teach, learn, improve and evolve while assisting clients to reconnect body, mind and breath.

Our approach to overall health allows our clients the gift of longevity, balance and self awareness.  We have created high quality studio classes that allow you to relax and reconnect whether you are an athlete looking for an intelligent approach to cross training, on a physio rehabilitation referral or simply seeking a calm, professional environment to practice mindfulness.  Empowering you through the connection of mindful, functional movement patterns, we have a passion for enriching the well being in our community and ensuring you live a physically healthy life!

Kala Raymond is a classically trained CPT in Reformer and Mat Pilates, as well as a certified Yoga instructor.  She holds certifications in fascial stretching, elite athlete training and has an unstoppable passion for health and wellness.  Kala has an extensive background in dance, with over 20 years of training behind her. Her professional portfolio includes dancing internationally as well as with the BC Lions dance team.   As director of Studio32 Pilates & Co- Founder of Balanced Wellness Retreats, she is determined to engage the minds of others to a live a more balanced life.

Balancing the body with strength from the inside out, Calming the mind and nervous system through thoughtful, functional movement patterns and connecting to prana, life force and honored breath.  Living your best.